GunZ: The Duel

GunZ: The Duel
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    MAIET Entertainment

GunZ: The Duel is a dashing MMOTPS that is made by the free-to-play publisher ijji. In GunZ you get an arsenal of weapons at your disposal. Throughout the game, your level will get higher and also the amount and strength of weapons that you have will get bigger.

Gunz has a very strong gameplay. You will see people walking everywhere, even walking on walls, doing back flips and other stunts while they try to split you in two pieces with their blades or shoot you. The grenades go everywhere, so you are almost never entirely safe. You can run, fly or die. This all may sound exhausting, but this might be the strong point of this game. Even though Gunz is outdated when you look at the graphics, this game is still very addictive because of the chaos. Especially when you look at the way Gunz integrated stunts like that in its gameplay.


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  • @Joku Sent 03/05/2010 17:38

    Niit ei saa ilmaseks ne kortit pitää ostaa enkunst tai amerikast

  • Joku Sent 21/04/2010 15:39

    Hei miten saa ilmasiks noita jänniä parempii kamoja..? Hey! how can get free get nice clothes..?

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