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Aika on ilmainen MMORPG, josa tavallisten roolipeliominaisuuksien lisäksi joitain omintakeisia ominaisuuksia:
- Kehittyvät ihmismäiset lemmikit ("Pran")
- Viisi eri kansallisuutta, joita pelaajat ohjailevat
- Yli 1000 Questia
- Laajamittaisen PVP: parhaimillaan 1000 vs. 1000 taistelijaa.

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  • Kateryn Sent 02/08/2013 16:55

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  • Constantine Sent 02/08/2013 10:58

    There are three There are three currencies in Brick-Force: General Points, Brick Points, and Tickets. General Points are <a href="">eanred</a> by playing matches, Brick Points are <a href="">eanred</a> by rating maps, and Tickets are buyable. It's very easy to get enough General Points to buy fully upgraded Build mode gear. And even without it, it's still pretty easy with standard tools. Yes, the economy of BF is pretty dysfunctional, but it's only in Open Beta; it'll be fixed.Also, I recommend trying it before criticizing it.

  • Arndt Sent 02/08/2013 03:39

    I completely agree about the unfiar fates of the low-level content creators. It's a sad state of affairs when a customer service rep, earning $30k a year, can get promoted to designer positions and find that they have to take a pay cut! They also get treated as disposable resources, when it comes time to lay people off: we can always hire some more out of the QA pool! There are so many people who want to design games that the actual earning potential of new designers is very low. I'm not sure what to do about that, but I guess I've wandered off topic anyway, so I'll stop now. :) [url=]ebnnmyncp[/url] [link=]jmdjwxhbu[/link]

  • Ricardo Sent 30/07/2013 03:05

    Perhaps I was too broad I was trying to enrittaen as well as inform, and sometimes shades of gray are lost.It seems to me, based on my own experiences and those of my comrades on other developing MMOs and their live teams (you're quite right to draw a distinction between the designers and the people who cope with the fallout), that management decisions are often not in tune with the realities of the customer base but the management class is the one that is protected in the event of disaster. It frustrates me to see the 30K/year guy take the brunt of the pain in terms of relocation, job changes, and blame.I also prefer directness. For anyone to say Here are the reasons for closing a studio failure to XYZ. Oh, but I don't mean THESE guys is the worst kind of nonsense and entirely prevalent within some corporate cultures. Either the speaker does indeed mean these guys or he's referring to a different studio entirely, and either way, his statement reflects poorly on him.

  • Jakex Sent 31/03/2011 17:40

    Ei mitään kauhean uutta tässäkään pelissä, vähän erilainen gameplay ja mahdollisuus isompiin taisteluihin, 3/5

  • skaarje Sent 16/08/2010 10:48

    Aika Global Online eurooppalaisille Closed Beta alkaa perjantaina!
    DV hakee scandipelaajia tiimiinsä joten eikun hakemusta täyttämään:

  • Administrator Sent 05/05/2010 09:45

    dudeman, syynä on varmaan tuo ip-banni, kts uutsilinkki tuossa yllä.

  • dudeman Sent 02/05/2010 18:07

    mulla kun kirjaudun sisään peliin niin tulee teksti:this account has been cancelled.
    lähetin gPotatolle sähköpostia tosta jutusta. Haluun kokeilla tota peliä!!!!!!

  • anette123 Sent 16/04/2010 17:21

    hyviä pelejä

  • jesse Sent 13/04/2010 18:06

    miten voi ladata ton pelin

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